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Lupus and Weed - 3DGamingDaily

Lupus and Weed

lupus and weed

People who suffer from lupus are often looking for ways to cope with their disease without using pharmaceutical drugs. Marijuana and cannabis have both been shown to improve symptoms of lupus and reduce the pain experienced by the sufferer. However, it is important to keep several factors in mind when you’re thinking of using weed to treat lupus. First, you’ll need to understand what lupus is. This chronic illness is characterized by persistent inflammation and pain in the joints, tendons, muscles, and bones.

While there are no long-term side effects of cannabis, some people who have lupus have found it to be helpful in reducing the painful symptoms of the disease. Cannabis has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body and increase the levels of the anti-inflammatory protein interleukin-10, which improves the body’s immune system and reduces pain. People who have lupus and weed should discuss the use of cannabis with their physician to ensure it’s safe for them.

Research has also shown that marijuana reduces the levels of interleukin-2, a protein that causes inflammation in the body. It also increases levels of interleukin-19, which fights inflammation. This is a significant benefit for patients with lupus because pain is one of the biggest challenges that they face.

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