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All the Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Let’s be truthful here: The music can make or break a party, which implies the band or DJ is one of the most essential aspects of your reception. And you definitely don’t wish to work with someone without completely vetting them initially. When you meet with any potential musicians to discover the best fit for you, ask the below questions.


How Would You Explain Your Style?

If their design will work with the vibe you’re going for, you need to figure out. If you want an elegant mixer with lots of casual conversation, a band that describes itself as “rock-and-roll with an entire lotta edge” is a music inequality.

What Genres Can You Cover?

What you need to know: Before meeting with any prospective DJ or bandleader, have a conversation with your fiance to figure out the general musical vibe you’re going for at the reception. Ask the DJ or bandleader what type of music and categories they generally play or specialize in to identify if they’re the best fit.

How Do You Deal With Couples To Come Up With A Playlist?

What you require to understand: Do you and your partner choose to be very associated with the development of your wedding playlist? Or are you OK with supplying some basic standards and after that letting your wedding event expert deal with the rest?

How Many Wedding Events Do You Do On A Typical Weekend? 

Why you require to know this: If the band or DJ is playing ’round the clock all weekend, their performance might suffer. You might desire to rethink booking them if they’re running on empty.

Will You Be The DJ/Bandleader Personally Dipping Into Our Wedding event? Which Band Members Should We Expect? 

Why you require to understand this: Bands generally have a lineup of entertainers and might alternate who’s playing based upon their availability.

Do You Offer A Written Contract?

All of the wedding video jockeys you interview may not have the very same requirements of professionalism. A written, a legal contract is among the first indications of whether a DJ is trusted and professional. A contract establishes the DJ’s obligation to the client and details what is required for the DJ’s success, by describing his setup requirements and other aspects related to his performance.

How Long Have You Been A DJ And How Many Weddings Have You Done?

A wedding is such an important celebration, and you do not want your DJ’s very first wedding event to be your own. The number of years someone has been a DJ will give you some indication of their experience level, however, some DJs only perform for a couple of events (and fewer wedding events) each year.

Are You PAT Tested And Do You Have PLI?

OK, it’s really dull but I think it’s extremely crucial. PAT testing represents Portable Home appliance Testing and it indicates all electrical equipment has actually been checked in the last year and the DJ must have a certificate to prove it. PLI is Public Liability Insurance Coverage. The venue must have their own however the DJ should also have it in their own right. Without these, a location might turn your DJ away. Accept no reasons.

You’re Playing To A Blended Crowd. What Music Do You Have?

A good DJ will keep the dance floor busy, but maybe not with all of the people all of the time. Some guests might not have actually seen each other for many years and just want to sit and talk. If some people are just sitting down but having fun don’t stress.

An excellent DJ will be able to check out a crowd and mix various musical styles together. It is always a good concept to discuss what music you wish to hear.

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