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What To Include In Your Wedding Invitations?

Wedding invitation

Wondering what to include in a wedding invitation suite? Designing, product packaging, and sending wedding event invites is a major undertaking. The typical cost of wedding invites differs per printing approach.

Reach out to designers with your wedding invite concepts in advance. Make certain their timeline fits yours, which their ability covers the products preferred. Most stationers can fulfil stylistic demands, it’s the logistics that can hinder the procedure. There’s likewise the alternative to use a site to design your own wedding invites. 

If your head is swimming from stationery overload and you can’t tell a reception card from an action card, we have actually put together a helpful guide outlining precisely what to send with wedding event invites. Also, you may visit and like this page for best wedding Invitations and Stationery designers in Melbourne!

Save The Date

Save the date

Send Save the Date cards approximately 12 months before your wedding. These are optional but valuable for destination weddings and holiday weekend celebrations. You can never give guests excessive notice!

Your Names

This is the last time you’ll formally reveal yourself by your maiden name before you reach the aisle. So, let your names take pride of place on your wedding event invitations.

Their Names

Do not make it ambiguous as to who is welcomed. Name each person specifically, making sure you specify whether it is simply them, the kids and/or a plus one.

Wedding Event RSVP And Action Card

Reaction cards are one of the most important things to consist of in a wedding invitation. RSVP cards can be bought separately or as part of your wedding event invite package.

Reception Information

These are cards sent with the wedding invite to inform visitors where the reception will occur after the event. Considering that this is an invitation to a celebration, feel free to play with styles and font styles like a theme or monogram on this card. Some couples add the reception information on the real invitation and skip this card entirely.

Cover all the information. In addition to the basic date, time and area, think about whether visitors need instructions to the location, transportation information, gown code or accommodation information, and ask about any dietary requirements so you can recommend your caterer.



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