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What Do I Need To Consider In Purchasing A Plasma Cutter



A plasma cutter cuts metal by sending air, or an inactive gas, through a plasma light, starting an electrical arc, and afterward driving plasma through the torch tip to cut metal. The arc of a plasma cutter can arrive at temperatures of 45,000 degrees F and give probably the quickest approaches to cut metal. 


Visit more data underneath to see some major points to consider when buying a plasma cutter as well as some helpful links where you can get familiar with plasma cutters and related items. 


plasma cutter


Choosing A Plasma Cutter’s Output Power 


The yield intensity of a plasma cutter will determine what it can cut. For instance, 12 amps of yield power from a 120V machine will have the option to cut generally 1/8 inch metal, while 60 amps of output power from a 230V machine will have the option to cut most metals that are 7/8 of an inch thick. 


There additionally are inverter-based plasma cutters accessible that give high cutting yield power, yet gauge considerably less than customary cutting machines that offer a similar cutting limit. 




So as to start an arc, typically, plasma cutters accompany two types starts


  • Contact start 
  • High-recurrence start 


Nonpilot arc unit highlights contact start. It implies that nonpilot arc unit expects you to contact the light tip to the metal surface to make a cut. It influences the life of the consumables. 


Then again, on account of a pilot arc unit, you can make a cut with the light of the plasma cutter without close contact to the tip of the torch to the metal surface. This component gives a simpler and smoother cut and, at last, improves the life of the consumables. 


It is somewhat hazardous to utilize the plasma cutter with high-frequency start technology close to any sort of electronic gadgets like mobile, phone, PC, TV or other electrical gadgets. It additionally may make a ton of interference with the control of these apparatuses. 


In any case, the unit with contact start technology doesn’t meddle with the control of some other electronic gadgets. The pilot arc created by the contact start is obvious, so you can see the arc and position the tip all the more precisely. 


Air Compressor 


Plasma cutters need packed air to make the plasma, this can either be given by an implicit air blower or an outer compacted air supply. Both of these sorts produce extraordinary outcomes, yet while picking a plasma shaper, you’ll have to choose which one is generally advantageous for you. An inherent air blower will be more costly, however it implies you’ll have the option to oversee small jobs more rapidly. 



Material thickness 


The thickness of metal you will regularly cut and maximum metal thickness are significant in choosing the correct plasma cutter. Like a welding power source, a plasma cutter’s amperage and voltage limits decide its size. The plasma cycle requires generally high voltage and low amperage levels, something contrary to welding. Numerous individuals incorrectly judge a plasma machine exclusively by amperage. While this is a significant marker, recall that absolute yield power (in watts) approaches amperage times voltage. Figure it out to get a more precise item examination. The cutting limit of a specific size plasma machine shifts extraordinarily by maker. 



I do hope that we’ve become successful to assist you with discovering the best plasma cutter to complete your activity!


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