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Clean your home – Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

Every time you Clean your home, do you take into consideration the cleaning agent and the type of windows that are in your home? Are you aware of the cleaning process that you have to follow when you are cleaning your home? Most of the time, most of the homeowners don’t take into consideration these cleaning agents and their effects on the window. One of the best methods that can be used to clean windows is when you can use a window cleaner that is water-based.

Clean your home – How to clean your house FAST!

When you purchase a window cleaner that has a water-based agent, you will need to make sure that you clean the windows using a spray bottle. You should be able to find a solution that comes with spray bottles for the windows of your home.

After you clean the windows of your home, you should remember to place a paper towel on the windows that you cleaned so that you can wipe off the residue from the cleaner. If you want to see if your windows will require a window cleaner again, you can clean them with a simple solution of rubbing alcohol and water. For the next time, you can use inexpensive window cleaners instead of buying a new window cleaner. This will be great especially if you are living in an area where there is not a lot of rain, or even if you live in an area where there is lots of rainfall.

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