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Different Types of Enclosed Bodies Service Trucks

Different Types of Enclosed Bodies Service Trucks

Trucks are complicated lorries, so it takes a great deal of time and accuracy to construct a truck body. Many of the jobs that are performed by trucks can not be done utilizing vehicles and bikes. Bring furnishings, cargo, and heavy materials such as steel rods and frames are simply a couple of examples. There is a lot more to it.

Below are the different kinds of Ridgeback fixed bodies:

Made exclusively from recycled aluminium, our aluminium service vans are a green option that decreases fuel usage by as much as 10%. Timeless enclosed service van bodies come available in 57″, 72″ and 75″ heights featuring light-weight aluminium building and construction, enclosed workspaces, accessible storage and a smooth surface for decals and wraps.


Our panel and tapered panel bodies use outside compartments and an interior work area that helps everyone from contractors and utility teams to locksmith professionals and handymen securely bring all the parts and tools they require on location. Built on our durable and proven Classic II service body, these reputable panel and tapered panel bodies come offered in 50 ″, 60 ″ and 72 ″ heights. You get all the premium features and choices that come with a Reading truck body, set up for your specific needs.

Fixed Body Trucks

A service truck needs to be a mobile workshop for your technicians in the field, transporting the tools, equipment, and parts they need to finish the job. With Automobile Truck’s service body trucks, your techs will constantly have the best tool to optimize their performance and performance.

Every Vehicle Truck service body is geared up with flexible drawers and storage compartments to enhance the organization. Ample external storage keeps your equipment and tools protected and safe, allowing specialists to quickly access them without having to climb into the truck bed.

Repaired body medium-sized trucks are characterised by the reality that when they are being utilized, the maximum possible load volume and the optimum permissible gross vehicle weight for the truck are not totally used. A combination of the lorry and fifth-wheel trailer can likewise be utilized here instead of the central-axis trailer.

Repaired body ultra-light automobiles are impressive due to their outright concentrate on reducing the unladen weight. As a truck with trailer, an ultra-light lorry consists of a fixed body lorry and central-axis trailer.

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