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Sydney building management

Sydney building management

The facilities management is evolving every day and the facilities managers are key to following the international trends and practices. The department must also ensure that they have innovative techniques and sustainable practices that can enhance the company’s environment. For example, the current market analysis and the data prove that facilities managers could carry on adding significant value to their business through:

improved efficiency,
latest technology,
strategic planning
… even when all the basics of its practices are in place and are functioning well.


Sydney building management

These duties cannot be delegated to line managers due to its importance, and the impact on the business operations, and the profitability. The function needs to be run by people with the sufficient background, training and experience in managing the Facility assets. This can be an internal team of Facilities Management professionals or it can be outsourced to a trusted partner.

The roles and responsibilities of the facilities management team members must also be clear to everybody as well. Problems often arise when team members cannot easily adjust to the changes taking place and as a result, the organization becomes chaotic.

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